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The Realm of Orianna

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Who is Orianna?

Queen Orianna lives within me and lives within you...It's the inner child that gives you joy and feeds your creativity and brings you peace...This is a celebration of the inner fairy we all carry inside. You choose which one you shall be!

About This Group

This is a community for people of all ages who love fairies, sirens, mermaids, vampires, centaurs, unicorns or any other fantasy character! There is no right or wrong...You may post your own tribute to these mythical creatures through photographs, poetry, stories, art, or simply through posting your favorite pictures depicting any of these wonderful and magical beings! One thing is for sure, this club is about positivism and light, there are no creatures of darkness or there would be not talk of the occult...Keep it light and simple and colorful!

Your moderators: